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A not-for-profit organization focused on promoting the US-India friendship by creating and enhancing cultural, educational, and socio-economic awareness between the US and India.

The only independent not-for-profit institution dedicated to strengthening the US-India partnership in Washington, DC and in New Delhi. The USISPF is the trusted partner for businesses, nonprofit organizations, the diaspora, and the governments of India and the United States. USISPF’s vision is to create the most powerful strategic partnership between the US and India.

Medical Kit
Other Medical Necessities
The Alliance will closely work and coordinate its efforts with Government of India agencies, including the NITI Aayog and logistics support will be provided by industry partners.
The Alliance seeks industry support in supplementing the efforts of the Government of India which will be crucial to fighting the pandemic in India. To lend your support or for more information, please contact:
Gaurav Verma
Chief Operating Officer,
US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)

Legal Counsel

Rahul Keshap, Esquire

Shuru Law LLC