Rajeev Kaul

USIFA Director & President

Managing Partner, Kaul Group

Rajeev Kaul is a principal with the New York-based Kaul Group. The Kaul Group provides financing, corporate advisory, and tax and audit services to a diversified client base. Kaul Group is also involved with BPO operations in India. The Kaul Group helps enterprises at various stages of capitalization – from startups to mergers and acquisitions. Clients of the Kaul Group range from one-man start-up operations to Fortune 100 companies.

Rajeev is also a principal in Berkshire Ventures Corp, a hospitality related investment group whose portfolio properties are spread across from Washington DC to Florida. Rajeev is one of the founders of UnderHill Technologies Inc, which is in the process of setting up an IT Park in India.

Rajeev Kaul is a CPA and has a MBA in Finance. He has spoken about finance, investment and taxes at various places like Columbia Business School, Harvard Business Club, CUNY and Asian American research institute. The Kaul Group received a top ten Asian American business award from USPAAACC in 2013.

Rajeev is a board member of US India Friendship Alliance Inc and Women’s Empowerment Project. Rajeev is also a founding member of MP NRI Development Committee Inc, a NGO dedicated to the improvement of education of young girls in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. He currently is an Executive Board member of Indo-American Arts council Inc.